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Snowhawk Przhevalsky ([personal profile] przhevalsky) wrote2012-11-28 01:58 pm
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Wintry PixelPonies are back again!

But I can do more than just Ponies, Ponies are all I have examples of for winter. :3 Non-anthro characters, or ones that can be made such are preferred, but I can try an anthro and see how that goes, they just might be very, very small.

Custom icons (not based off of one of my templates) are $5 (normally $8). Template based icons are $4 (normally $7). Animated icons are +$1, unless its something simple like blinking or an ear flick, which would be no charge.

If you're interested in an icon, email me at This sale will run until December 20, 2012, give or take.

I'll take 5 spots at a time for icons, but I will also take a waiting list if necessary.

Please let me know if something will be a gift, because I can withhold posting it, and so I know not to LiveStream it if you wish.