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I am incredibly sad to have to make this post, I really liked this artist, not just for her art, but because I thought she was pretty cool as a person. However... there's only so much I can take.

I hope that this will still be allowed to be posted, even though the monetary part has been settled before I even get to post it, as it seems the artist doesn't even want to change how she does business, which in itself was making me seriously contemplate posting here.

WHO: FarelleMoon on FA

WHERE: (and 2-3 "other" accounts that I can't recall the names of)

WHAT: From/For me: a badge, part of a couple's art piece; from my fiance: the other part of the couple's piece, and she suggested doing a ref sheet for him, since this was for a new character and he did not have one for the character yet. I am (with mod approval) posting for both of us. He purchased the commissions for me as gifts.

WHEN: My badge order was originally placed August 22, 2010. The couples piece, and the ref sheet was placed October 3rd, 2010. There was even a completed commission placed after this, and information of that is included.

PROOF: You can click on any of these images to go to the Flickr gallery they are hosted on, and look at them in the "original" screenshot size. Lots of screenshots behind the cut. Church's screens are on the dark version of FA, mine are using the light one.
Many long images under here. )

EXPLAIN: Long post under here )

Journal Edit, 2:51 pm, May24, 2011: More screenshots, including the last ones between Church and Farelle, as [ profile] hamburger requested. The one between her and I are extremely confusing, again, as I am not sure where she is getting the idea I have said some of the things I am being accused of.

I have told her to keep the badge, as the screenshots show, as I am tired of this exchange and getting nothing but more excuses.

More long screenshots )

Journal Edit 2, 3:32pm, May24, 2011: These are the screenshots where she admits to forgetting about the commissions, sets a new deadline (Christmas 2010) for herself, and a contact schedual is suggested by Church. Not asking for much, just not to be ignored.

Church has also pointed out to me that, in the journal where she announced she was going to go to be hiring colorists, he DID actually express his displeasure. However, I can't remember the time frame of that journal as I think I just skimmed it and never got around to coming back to it (This is why, again, journal only communication is BAD.), so we do not have screenshots of it. Assuming the journal is still there and the comment is not hidden, it does exist.

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