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Since there are 4billion images on already on my flickr and I don't want to leave these in a comment on FA:

White Wallaby, Cape May County Zoo:

Buffalo, Cape May County Zoo:

Moose, Cape May County Zoo:

Llama, Cape May County Zoo:

Dromedary Camel, Cape May County Zoo:

Lemur, Cape May County Zoo:

Goats (Various Breeds), Cape May County Zoo: (Sorry, he's pooping.)

Lhasa Apso: (Trivia: My dog is the one at the bottom left, with his head against the whelping box.) (This is Chen's brother.) (Also seen with Sheltie and Great Pyrenees pups) (Before groom) (After groom, the following 5 images are me not being able to scissor all his damn cow-licks)

Long-Hair Domestic Cat: (Also dachshund/ACD mix shown)

Short-Hair Domestic Cat:

Maltese Mix Puppy:

Lhasa Apso/Pekingese: (With dox/ACD in background) (This coat is matted, especially the feet. This dog is one of the driving forces behind me being a pet groomer.) (Shaved, braided tail.) (With CKCS mix) (Again, matted, we were uneducated about how much matting hurts.)

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix: (Ignore the brat. :p) (Again, ignore the brat.)

Dachshund/Australian Cattle Dog (Red Heeler) Mix: (So. Fat. :| ) (With shaved ACD) (With Lhasa/Peke mix in background)

Yorkshire Terrier/Shih Tzu/Maltese Mix:

Siberian Hamster:

Scottish Terrier (Brindle):

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: (With dox/ACD mix in background) (One of each color pattern!)

American Cocker Spaniel:

Various Breed Pups: (The apricot in the back is a poodle, the white goober to the right is a maltese mix, and the big one is a sheltie/bichon mix.)

Domestic Rat:

Australian Shepard:


Unknown Breed, possible pit mix:


Campbell's Dwarf Hamster:

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