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I'm undertaking this. ._.

If you want, awesome, if not, it's fine.

The comic will not be put behind a paywall.

This is only to help support me and funds will go toward things I need (like building a new computer). I will have more incentives in the near future, and I will also have some limited time exclusives, for the comic/novel and other projects, going up on there.

(If you disagree with Patreon, plz kindly keep your opinion to yourself, or I will smack you with the block hammer. I have a job lined up, I'm waiting on my start date (est Jul 11), I just would like a little boost to get my new PC build underway, as well as keep me supplied with the snacks and such I go through while working on art.)

If you'd like to support me with monetary donations not through Patreon, I accept tips through If you are interested in helping to donate parts for my build, email me at the above, and I will link you to the build I have saved on PC Part Picker. I am willing to trade art for parts if you want art.

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