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Go open up a new post. ... I'll wait. Oh, you're using a client? Okay, if you're Copy and pasting text?

Go to the LJ site, and post from there.

Why? Windows has a long running issue with not just copying text, but with copying the font, the colors, and the color behind the text, and when you copy and paste into Semagic or whatever client, or when you copy and paste into the Rich Text editor, all of that comes with it.

And then I usually have my eyes assaulted with fucked up black-on-white text that sticks out like a sore thumb on my journal's dark layout. I use a dark layout because light ones have gotten to where they kill my eyes. I post using the HTML tab, so I'm not bothered as much by it, since it's pretty uniform... Though it's harder on the larger screen, I can just bump my brightness down if I need to type a long entry.

Most people seem to copy and paste for reposting, so if you're going to repost an entry, open the entry, make sure it's on the HTML tab (clean it up if you have to) and copy and paste THAT.

It will fix many issues!

I used to use WYSIWYG editors. They have their place. ... That place is not LJ.

I'm typing all this on the HTML tab. I don't have to put in line breaks, because I have the checkbox that says "Disable Auto-formatting" turned off. (And you should to.) If I want to make a link, all I have to do is this:

I don't have to make it a link, like you do in the Rich Text tab, unless I want to make some text a link. And that's not even that hard, so stop being so lazy.

Here, have a page of basic html, and all you need is the last two: (And you really don't have to use the image size tags.)

This will save your friend's eyes. This will save the eyes of fellow community members, and if you don't want to alienate some of us as customers... best way is to take a few more seconds and not give some of us migraines.

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